‘Administration Server Team’ Malware Emails

A series of malicious emails purporting to be from the Administration Server Team are currently invading inboxes.

The emails ask you to confirm your contact information by opening an attached .zip file. The emails have subject lines such as ‘Compulsory check of e-mail’, ‘Mandatory check of e-mail’, ‘Required check of e-mail’, and ‘Obligatory check of your contact details’. The organisation that the supposed Administration Server Team belongs to is not identified.

However, the emails are not from any legitimate Administration Server Team. Instead, they are a criminal ruse designed to trick you into installing malware on your computer.  

Opening the attached .zip file reveals a .exe file. Clicking this .exe file can install the malware on your computer. The exact purpose of the malware may vary. Typically, however, such malware can download and install further malware and steal personal information such as account login credentials from the infected computer.

Malware campaigns such as this can be very effective. The phrase ‘Administration Server Team’ sounds authoritative and technical enough to trick some less experienced computer users into opening the attached file and installing the malware. And using terms such as ‘compulsory’ and ‘mandatory’ can make such users believe that they must comply with the instructions in the email or risk losing access to their accounts.

If you receive one of these emails, just delete it. Do not open any attachments or click any links that it contains. Note that the malware emails use a variety of subject lines and attachment names.


Good day!

This notification was automatically sent by our Administration Server Team.
Please confirm your contact info shown in the attached.

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/administration-server-team-malware-emails/