‘All Paid For Disney World Vacation’ Like-Farming Scam


Facebook Page claims that users can have a chance to win an all expenses paid vacation to Florida’s Disney World in exchange for liking and sharing a promotional image.

Brief Analysis

The Page is a typical like-farming scam. There is no prize and the Page is not an official Disney World page. The fake Page is an attempt to trick Facebook users into liking and sharing, thereby increasing visitor numbers and Page likes. Facebook Pages with high like numbers can be used to expose a larger audience to subsequent scam messages. The Pages may also be sold via the black market to other unscrupulous users.


Good news were giving you and 50 other people a chance to win an all paid for Florida, Disney World vacation with passes to every park. Each winner will receive 4 tickets each for a date of your choice with $2,000 spending money.

To enter just share & like this photo. (Comment to double your chances)

Good luck, competition ends in 48 hours. Winners will be posted.

Disney World Giveaway Facebook Scam Post


Detailed Analysis

This Facebook Page, along with the message it spawns, promises users the chance to win an ‘all paid for’ vacation to Disney World in Florida. Supposedly, each of the fifty winners will receive four tickets along with $2000 spending money and their choice of vacation dates.

The page, which bills itself as ‘the official Facebook Page of the Walt Disney World’ Resort, promises users who comment as well as share and like, double the chance to win.

However, the Page is a  like-farming scam  and there are no prizes. Despite its claims, the Page is not the official Walt Disney World Facebook Page. The  real Page  has more than 13 million likes and displays Facebook’s blue ‘verified’ tick icon.

The scammers have simply put a full stop at the end of the name ‘Walt Disney World’ as a means of tricking Facebook’s systems into allowing them to create the bogus Page.

The objective of the scammers is to trick people into promoting the scam Page via likes, shares and comments. This free promotion will result in many more likes for the offending Page. Once a Page has accumulated a sizable amount of likes via bogus prize draws, it can then be used to launch further scams, this time to a much larger audience. Often, the initial like-farming scam will be followed up by ongoing survey scams. The scammers may also try to involve participants in advance fee scams or trick them into installing rogue apps or malware.

Alternatively, the Pages may be resold via a thriving black market. Generally, the more likes a Page has, the more money it will command on the black market. And, those who buy the Pages can repurpose them to fit their own nefarious goals.

This scam Page is very similar to several other like-farming and  survey scams  that have promised free Disney  tickets  and  cruises.

Be wary of any Facebook Page or message that promises expensive prizes just for liking and sharing.

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/all-paid-for-disney-world-vacation-like-farming-scam/