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Facebook post that features a picture of a boy with a very large tumour on his side claims that Facebook and CNN will donate money each time a user likes, shares or comments on the picture.  

Brief Analysis

The message is a disgusting hoax designed to gather likes for a particular Facebook Page and promote it further via shares and comments. Neither Facebook nor CNN will donate money to help the child just because a person likes, shares or comments on his image. Any message that makes such a claim is sure to be a hoax. The picture shows ‘Jose’, a Mexican boy who was taken to the United States for treatment in 2012. His picture was stolen from other sources to be used in the disgraceful hoax message.


Please Dont Ignore ! His parents can’t afford surgery so facebook and CNN are paying half of the expenses
1 Like – $1
1 Comment – 10$
1 Share – 20$

Ignore = You Don’t Have a Heart
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Child with tumor sick child scam

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.com/boy-massive-tumour-facebook-sick-child-hoax.shtml