Facebook Scam – ‘Guy Removes Blackhead’ Post

This message, which is making its way rapidly around Facebook, claims that you can click to see the terrifying outcome when a ‘guy removes his blackhead’. The post features a picture of said blackhead.

When you click the image, you are first asked to give permission for a Facebook app to access your profile information.  It also requests that you like the page. These steps ensure that all of your Facebook friends will be exposed to the same scam message.

Next, you are taken to a ‘trending video’ website that apparently hosts the blackhead removal footage. However, a banner at the top of the page will explain that you must first download a video plugin before the video can be viewed.  

But, in fact, the video plugin is a malware program that can take over your browser, display malicious advertisements, and interfere with your computer’s security settings.

The scam website will also try to get you to surrender your personal information via dodgy online surveys.

If you receive this message or  others of its ilk, do not be tempted to click. If you really want to see hapless individuals attempting to remove blackheads, you can find plenty of such material – malware free and without the need to participate in dodgy surveys – via YouTube.


OMG Terrifying!!! Guy removes his Blackhead, You wont Believe what he discovered.

This guy asks his friends to help him out to get rid of his blackhead on his back.

Remove black head video Facebook Scam

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/facebook-scam-guy-removes-blackhead-post/