'Prayers for Likes' Facebook Sick Baby Scam – Hoax-Slayer


Circulating message that features an image of a baby with hospital equipment in the background claims that liking the image equates to one prayer for the child while sharing equates to 100 prayers.  

Brief Analysis

The message is a disgraceful scam designed solely to accumulate likes for a Facebook Page and promote the Page further via shares. The baby’s picture was stolen from a personal Facebook profile and is being circulated without the permission of the baby’s parents. Tragically, the baby in the picture passed away just two weeks after she was born. The continued circulation of this message is causing great distress to the baby’s family. If this scam message comes your way, please do not share or like it. And please report the message to Facebook.


Prayers for likes Facebook scam post

1 LIKE = 1 Pray
1 SHARE = 100 Pray
Type : Amen
Only those without a heart will ignore

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.com/prayers-for-likes-facebook-scam.shtml