No, a Call From 777888999 will NOT ‘Blast’ Your Phone — Hoax

According to supposed warning messages that are currently circulating via WhatsApp  and SMS, you should not take a mobile phone call from the number 777888999.  

The messages, which are circulating in both English and Hindi, claim that attending a call from the number will “blast” your phone. Some versions claim that people have died or been injured due to the explosion caused by answering the number.

Examples of the messages

URGENT ?pl don’t attend any Call of mob no …777888999….if u attend. Call your mobile will blast …..pl share to your friends …

777888999 Don’t pick this number as phone is blasting after receiving this number

Blast claims are nonsense

However, the claims in the messages are utter nonsense. There are no credible references that support the claims in any way.

Your phone will not explode if you receive a call from  777888999 or any other number.

There is no mechanism that could cause your phone to explode or catch fire by simply accepting a call from a particular number. Any message that makes such a claim is sure to be a hoax.

Just one in a series of ‘killer call’ hoaxes

In fact, this hoax is just one in a long line of equally nonsensical hoax warnings that have  falsely claimed that receiving  a particular call or text message could cause death or injury.

Silly hoaxes like this do nothing other than cause fear and alarm. If you receive  this message, do not send it on. And let the sender know that the claims in the message are untrue.


Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/no-a-call-from-777888999-will-not-blast-your-phone-hoax/#comments