‘Private Investor Seeking Partnership’ Scam Email

This email claims to be a person who has a lucrative  investment fund proposal  to discuss with you.    

Supposedly, the London based sender has a client in the  United Arab Emirates who is seeking a partnership for strategic investment.

The message asks you to reply if you have a project or business plan which requires partnership funding.

However, the email is an advance fee scam designed to trick you into sending your money and personal information to criminals.

If you reply expressing interest in the “partnership”, you will soon be asked to send money to cover various expenses supposedly  associated with setting up the “loan”.   If you do send money, further requests will follow. The scammers  will continue requesting more and more money until you realize that you are being scammed  or run out of funds.

When the scam has run its course, the criminals will disappear with your money.

And, of course, you will never get the promised investment loan, which never existed to begin with.

Furthermore, the  criminals may have tricked you into supplying a large amount of your personal and financial information. This information may later be used to steal your identity.

Fake investment emails like this are very  common. If you receive  one, just delete it.   Keep in mind that legitimate private investors are not going to offer large sums of money to strangers that they have  randomly contacted via email.    

An example of the scam email:

Re: Private investor seeking partnership…


How are you doing today and your family? My name is Mr. Raja Nasir a United Kingdom citizen living in London, and I have a lucrative Loan or Investment funding proposal to discuss with you which is very urgent, I’m contacting you regarding my client’s intention to partnering and fund extremly wide variety of projects including real estate, Amusement parks, eco and green projects, golf courses, hotel and resorts, manufacturing, residential housing, tourism and tourist projects, water parks and many other types of project.

Kindly let me know if you have viable project or lucrative business plan which needs partnership funding, My client is a UAE local who’s family ties with the Royal families of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. he is seeking partnership outside the UAE for strategic investment round the world expetially USA where he have funds deposited in a security and investment company ready for investment or Loan.

The terms and condition will be available only if you are interested within or outside the USA, this is an oportunity to fund your investment projects without bank’s high interest rates or dealing with loan company demanding insurance and all type of fees.

Best Regards
Mr. R. Nas
Tel: [removed]


Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/private-investor-seeking-partnership-scam-email/#respond