Pamela Anderson Targeted in Death Hoax — Pamela is NOT Dead

According to a supposed news story that has been circulating via social media, actress and model  Pamela Anderson has died.  

The report claims that Anderson collapsed in her bathroom at home and was admitted to hospital  but later died after going into cardiac arrest.

However, the claims in the circulating report are untrue.  Pamela Anderson is alive and well.

There are no credible news reports that confirm the claims in the story in any way.   Moreover, Anderson has been active on social media well after the date and time of her supposed demise.

The false death story comes from a fake-news website that masquerades as an ABC news publication. The fake site features the  ABC logo and includes the words “ABC News” in its URL.   However, the site has no connection whatsoever to the  genuine ABC news website.

The site features a mixture of fake stories and reports stolen from genuine news outlets.   The main goal of the fraudulent site is to trick people into promoting its bogus material  via shares and reposts and following click-bait website links.

Pamela Anderson is probably most famous for her role in the TV show Baywatch and for her 1990  appearance in Playboy magazine.  

An example of the fake death message:

Pamela Anderson Fake News Death Report

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/pamela-anderson-targeted-in-death-hoax/#respond