“;Little Baby Has Cancer”; Facebook Like-Farming Scam – Hoax-Slayer

Circulating  Facebook post that features a video of a little boy in a hospital bed claims that the baby has cancer and that Facebook has decided to help by donating $2 for every like, $4 for every comment, and $8 for every share.

Brief Analysis:
The post is a  disgraceful scam designed to accumulate likes and promote a particular Facebook profile.  Facebook will certainly not donate money to help the child in exchange for liking, sharing, and commenting. The child in the video does not have cancer. The callous and immoral user who created this scam stole the video from another source and reused it without the permission of the child’s mother. Liking, sharing, and commenting on the video will do nothing whatsoever to help the child.

This little baby has cancer and he need money for surgery
Facebook has decided to help by giving
1 Like = 2 dollars . 1 Comment = 4 dolllars . 1 Share = 8 dollars
Please dont scroll down without typing AmenLittle baby has cancer Facebook share scam

Original Source : http://www.hoax-slayer.net//little-baby-has-cancer-facebook-like-farming-scam/