‘Two Free Tickets From Thai Airways’ Facebook Scam

Image: © depositphotos.com/Foto-VDW

According to a post being shared on Facebook, you can click to get two free tickets courtesy of   Thailand based airline Thai Airways.    

The post claims that the airline is giving everyone the free tickets as a means of celebrating its anniversary. It features an image depicting a Thai Airways ticket.

However, the post is a survey scam and has no connection to Thai Airlines.   Those who participate will never receive the promised flight tickets.

The image used in the scam post was stolen from a travel related website.

The scam is designed to trick people into spamming their Facebook friends and divulging their personal information on suspect survey websites. These sites will share the information they collect with unscrupulous marketing companies and online spammers.

Very similar scams have targeted many major airlines around the world. You can read more information about these scams here:

‘Free Airline Ticket’ Scam Posts Plaguing Facebook



Thai Airways Ticket Scam

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/two-free-tickets-thai-airways-facebook-scam/