‘Rolex is Giving Away Free Watch’ Facebook Survey Scam

Yet another fake giveaway post is hitting Facebook. This version claims that Rolex is giving away a free watch to “everyone” on its 118th birthday.    

The bogus giveaway post looks like this:

Rolex Watch Survey Scam

But, of course, the post has no connection to Rolex and those who participate  have precisely  zero chance of winning a watch.

As with other versions of the same scam, the fake giveaway is designed to trick people into divulging their personal information on scam survey websites. These sites will share your information with unscrupulous  marketing  companies.  

This video from the Hoax-Slayer YouTube Channel discusses a similar survey scam attempt that promises participants the chance to win a Range Rover rather than a Rolex watch:

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/rolex-is-giving-away-free-watch-facebook-survey-scam/