Woolworths “Free $300 Grocery Coupon”; Facebook Scam

Circulating Facebook post claims that you can click to get a free $300 grocery coupon from giant  Australian supermarket  chain Woolworths.

The post is fraudulent  and it is not associated with Woolworths  in any way. Those who decide to participate have no chance whatsoever of winning a grocery coupon or any other prize.

It is  a Facebook scam designed to trick you into sending  the same fake giveaway message to all of your friends and then divulging  your personal information on suspect “survey” and “offer” websites.

Woolworths has confirmed via comments on its official Facebook Page that the supposed giveaway is a scam. The company has been targeted repeatedly in similar Facebook scams in recent years.  Scams like this continue to be  very common on Facebook and target many different companies around the world.

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Woolworths Grocery Giveaway Facebook Scam

The link in the scam post loads  the fraudulent website shown  in this screenshot:
Woolworths Grocery Giveaway Scam Website

Last updated: October 31, 2016
First published: October 31, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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‘Woolworths Coupons’ Facebook Page Is A Like-Farming Scam
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