Watch Out For This Fake ANZ Bank “Account Restricted”; Email

If you bank with ANZ, keep an eye out for this fraudulent security notification message, which is currently being distributed via email.  The message claims that, during recent security checks, ANZ was unable to verify your account information. Therefore, claims the email, your account has been temporarily restricted until you follow a link to validate your details.

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Example of the Email

Dear Customer,

As part of our efforts to secure accounts, we regularly carry out a number of security measurements to ensure your account is safe.

During our recent security checks, which are regularly carried out on our systems, we were unable to verify the information on your account.

In order to safe guard your account, our system has temporarily placed a restriction on your account until your information has been validated against our data.

You can now validate your information by following the link below, this will only take a few minutes and your account restrictions will be lifted, where you can continue to use your account as normal.

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Email is a Phishing Scam

Of course, the email is not from ANZ and your account has not been restricted as claimed.  Instead, the email is a phishing scam that is designed to steal your ANZ account login credentials.

If you click the link, you will be  taken to a fraudulent website where you will be asked to log in with your customer registration number and password.

ANZ Phishing Scam Fake Login Page

Next, you will be taken to a  second form that  claims that your login details have been suspended and that you must supply information to confirm that you are the account’s rightful owner.  The form asks for your full name, your date of birth,  your mother’s maiden  name, and your account security  questions and answers.

ANZ Phishing Scam Fake Update Form

After  submitting the fake form, you will then be redirected to the genuine ANZ home page.  At this point, you may believe that you have successfully validated your account  and thereby lifted the supposed restriction.

Criminals Can Use The Stolen Information to Hijack Your ANZ Account

But, meanwhile, the criminals  can collect the information you supplied and use it to hijack your ANZ account.  Once they have gained access to your account, they can transfer  your money to other accounts and conduct fraudulent transactions in your name.

And, they may use information collected during the initial scam and from within your account to steal your identity as well.

Scams Like This are Very Common

Customers of many major banks all around the world are targeted in phishing  scams very similar to the one discussed here.

Be wary of any message that appears to be from your bank and claims that you must click a link or open an attached file to rectify an account issue or lift an account suspension.

Reporting ANZ Phishing Scams

The ANZ website includes information about such phishing attempts and how to report them.

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/watch-out-for-this-fake-anz-bank-account-restricted-email/