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Message claims that a young hit-and-run victim in South Africa will receive money to help cover medical expenses every time the email is forwarded.


Subject: FW: Please Help Someone Who Will Never Repay You.

Love is the key, forward is the motion, don’t be afraid to love someone.

Hi, my name is Surita Diputs Naidoo and I live in Chatsworth, South Africa. I am 8 years old and I have been in a hit and run accident with a taxi. My 14 year old brother was killed instantly, and my father later died at RK Khan’s Hospital, Chatsworth.

My mother and I are now living with my grandparents.

The doctors have told me that I need corrective surgery as my face and arms were badly burned in the accident.

Fortunately, my plight was brought to the attention of a wealthy Herbal Importer in Reservoir Hills, South Africa, who, with the help of IBM, have promised to give me R2 for every person this e-mail is forwarded to.

Please send to as many people as you can and GOD bless. Remember, have a heart.

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