Outdated and Inaccurate 'Watering Down Anzac Day' Protest Post Still Circulating – Hoax-Slayer

Circulating message claims that the Australian Federal Government is considering watering down Anzac  Centenary celebrations because such celebrations might offend new immigrants.

Brief Analysis:
The claims are utter nonsense. Firstly, the main Anzac Centenary celebrations, and the ones that the message is apparently alluding to, occurred in 2015, so posting and sharing this message  a year later in 2016 is beyond pointless. Secondly, the centenary celebrations in 2015 were certainly not ‘watered down’ in any way whatsoever. Anzac Day 2015 was a major and very successful event with record crowds  attending Anzac ceremonies all over the country.  And, there is no indication that the government is considering watering down Anzac Day 2016 either. In fact, the message is just a mutated version of a false  and  inflammatory political diatribe that first began circulating back  in 2013.