More ‘Free Marlboro Cigarette Cartons’ Scams Hitting Facebook

A post that is currently being shared on Facebook claims that you can click to get five free cartons of Marlboro brand cigarettes.  

Supposedly, EVERYONE is eligible to receive the five free cartons because the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

But, in fact, the post is just another Facebook survey scam designed to trick users into divulging their personal information on scam survey websites.

This is just the latest in a series of very similar cigarette giveaway Facebook scams. Around June 2016, another version of the scam was supposedly giving away ten cartons of  Marlboro. Since then, there  have been several other versions, including one that claimed to be giving away ten cartons of Winfield brand cigarettes.

For the record, the Marlboro brand is not 100 years old as claimed in the scam post. Philip Morris launched the brand in 1924.

An example of the scam post:
Marlboro Free Cartons Scam on Facebook

What is a Facebook Survey Scam?



Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/free-marlboro-cigarette-cartons-scams-hitting-facebook/