‘Free $75 Off Publix Gift Card’ Scam Targeting Facebook Users

A post being shared on Facebook claims that that American supermarket chain Publix is giving everyone a free $75 off coupon to celebrate the company’s 100th year of success.

The post features an image that supposedly  depicts one of the free Publix gift cards.

However, the post is fraudulent and has no connection to Publix. People who choose to participate will never receive the promised gift card.

Clicking the post opens a fraudulent coupon claim website that features the Publix logo. The fake site instructs you to first share, like, and comment on Facebook and then click a “Verify” button to claim your free gift card.

Sharing, liking, and commenting spreads the scam post across Facebook and allows the scammers  to gain many more victims.

Clicking the ‘Verify” button opens another suspect website that offers the chance to win further prizes in exchange for registering and providing your name and contact details. The site will give your  details to dodgy marketing companies, who will then start blasting you with unwanted emails, phone calls, text messages, and letters peddling a variety of dubious products and services.

And, alas, even after you have  “verified’ your claim by submitting your personal details, you will still not receive the Publix gift card. There are no gift cards.

Giveaway scams like this continue to be very common on Facebook.   Many well-known brands and companies have been targeted in such scams.

For the record, Publix was founded in 1930, so it is not celebrating 100 years of service in 2018 as claimed in the scam post. And, the official  Publix Facebook Page, which features Facebook’s blue “verified” icon, makes no mention of the supposed gift card giveaway.

An example of the scam post:

Publix Free Gift Card Facebook Scam

Publix is giving everyone  FREE $75 OFF Gift Coupon to celebrate 100th years of success!

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/free-75-off-publix-gift-card-scam-targeting-facebook-users/