‘Free $30 Off Aldi Gift Card’ Facebook Survey Scam

According to a post currently being shared on Facebook, grocery store chain, Aldi is gifting every family with a free $30 off gift card. Supposedly, the giveaway is to celebrate the grand opening of an Aldi store.  

However, the post has no connection to Aldi and those who click on it will never get the promised gift card.

Instead, the post is a typical Facebook survey scam that is designed to trick you into submitting personal details on dodgy websites.

Aldi USA has warned customers about the scam via a post on its official  Facebook Page:

Aldi and many other popular stores around the world are regularly targetted in such Facebook giveaway scams.

An example of the scam post:


Aldi $30 off gift card scam post

If you click on the post, you will be taken to a bogus website that asks you to complete a short survey about your Aldi shopping habits:

Fake Aldi giveaway survey page

The site will then pretend to check your answer to see if you qualify for a free coupon. In fact, you will be selected as a “winner” no matter what answers you give in the survey.

At the end of the survey, a fake coupon claim page will load in your browser.   The page claims that you must now share the post on Facebook and add the comment “Thanks for my Coupon”. It also asks you to share the post on a Facebook group that you belong to.

Via these steps, the scammers ensure that their bogus giveaway is seen by an ever increasing number of potential victims on Facebook.  

Clicking the “Get My Coupon” button will take you to a dodgy website that promises the chance to win further prizes for filling in surveys and providing your name and contact details.

But, by participating, you are actually giving permission for the site to share your information with unscrupulous third-party marketing companies. These companies will subsequently inundate you with unwanted and annoying emails, text messages, phone calls, and letters that try to convince you to buy various products and services.

And, alas, no matter how many survey sites you visit, you will never receive the promised Aldi gift card.

Fake Aldi coupon claim page

If one of these free giveaway scam messages appears on your Facebook News Feed, do not be tempted to participate.

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/free-30-off-aldi-gift-card-facebook-survey-scam/