Fake-News Report Claims US Mother Gave Birth to 17 Babies at Once – Hoax-Slayer

Supposed news report that is commonly shared via social media claims that a woman in the United States has given birth to 17 babies at once thereby setting a new world  record.

Brief Analysis:
The claims in the report are utter nonsense and the image is photoshopped. The  story is regularly republished on various websites,  as a means of attracting site visitors and promoting the offending site to a larger audience. However, the story was originally published by the notorious fake-news website World News Daily Report back in January 2014.

Mother gives birth to 17 Babies at Once in USA! An Indianapolis mother gave birth to seventeen babies over 29 hours and overtook the last world record!Fake News Mother Gives Birth to 17 Babies

Original Source : http://www.hoax-slayer.net/fake-news-report-claims-us-mother-gave-birth-to-17-babies-at-once/