Dollar General is NOT Giving Facebook Users Free $150 Coupons

According to a post that is currently circulating on Facebook, American variety store chain Dollar General is providing each family with a free $150 coupon as a means of celebrating the company’s 135 years of service.  

However, the post is fraudulent and has no connection to Dollar General. Those who participate will never get the promised $150 coupon.

Dollar General has warned users about the scam via a reply on its official Facebook page, which notes:

Please don’t click on the link because it isn’t real. This is not a Dollar General program and these coupons are not accepted at any Dollar General Location.

The giveaway post is just one version of a great many similar anniversary  giveaway scams that have used the names of many stores across the world.   The scams are designed to trick you into promoting the fraudulent  posts across Facebook and divulging your personal information on dodgy third-party websites.

If one of these posts comes your way, do not click on it or interact with it in any way. And let the person who posted it know that the message is a scam.

Dollar General has been targeted in several  similar  Facebook scams in recent years.   For the record, Dollar General is not celebrating 135 years of service  in 2018 as claimed in the scam post. Dollar General was founded in 1939.

An example of the scam post:


Dollar General Facebook Giveaway Scam

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/dollar-general-is-not-giving-facebook-users-free-150-coupons/