Does a Viral Image Depict a Monkey Saving a Puppy From An Explosion? – Hoax-Slayer

This story was first published on July 3, 2013


Circulating message claims that an attached picture shows a monkey saving a small puppy from a factory explosion in China.  

Brief Analysis

The claims in the message are untrue. The picture circulated in different contexts for several years before the explosion referenced in the message. Earlier descriptions claim that the monkey was saving the dog from a tsunami or other natural disaster. Some versions claim that the monkey was stealing the dog. However, Dani Weiss, the photographer who took the picture, explains that the monkey was tethered and simply carrying the puppy around and playing with him.


During a dangerous factory explosion that occurred in China, a Monkey was recorded on the camera saving a puppy from the explosion site, He held the dog as he ran out of the factory. If animals can instinctively show compassion and kindness to each other, So can we.