Do Circulating Images Show Puppies being 'Guarded' by a King Cobra? – Hoax-Slayer


Circulating messages that feature photographs depicting two puppies apparently trapped in a well with a large cobra snake as company claim that the snake was guarding the dogs against harm until they could be rescued.  

Brief Analysis

Although the images themselves appear to be genuine, the apparent motivation of the snake is – of course – nothing more than speculation.   As yet, I have found no credible information about where and when the photographs were taken or what actually happened to the puppies or the snake.


Cobra and Puppies in a Well

This incident took place in Punjab (INDIA) when 2 puppies fell inside a well. The mother of the 2 puppies kept barking at the well which probed the owner of the dogs to peep inside. To his amazement he found that a King Cobra silently stayed by the side of these 2 puppies and didn’t pose any threat to them. As a matter of fact the King Cobra guided the puppies to stay by the safe end of the well which further prevented them from drowning in water.

The puppies and the snake remained in the well for 48 hours. When help arrived from the forest department the snake moved to the other end of the pool. The puppies are safe and sound at this moment. The snake was later removed from the well and released in the woods.

Even the deadliest and fiercest of animals learned their lessons of co-existence and empathy. We are still lacking behind all of them. It’s actually a shame on our intelligence.

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.com/cobra-guarding-puppies.shtml