Clint Eastwood is NOT Moving To Amarillo, Texas – Hoax-Slayer

Circulating report claims that actor and director Clint Eastwood is moving to  Amarillo, Texas. Alternative versions claim that the star is moving to various other locations including  Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Parkville,  Missouri.

Brief Analysis:
The claims in the  report are untrue. Clint Eastwood has  not announced that he is moving to  Amarillo or any of the other locations mentioned in alternative versions. The reports come from a network of bogus ‘Celebrity News’ websites that publish a stream of fictional  stories  about various celebrities moving to small towns, long awaited movie sequels, and other celebrity flavoured nonsense.

Clint Eastwood Moving to Amarillo, Texas

AMARILLO, Texas – In a surprise to just about everyone in Los Angeles and probably everyone in Amarillo, Texas, Hollywood director and actor Clint Eastwood announced in an interview today that he was moving to Amarillo because he was tired of the “fake people and bulls**t" in his current home state of California….Clint Eastwood Moving Fake-News

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