Chinese Teleportation Road Rescue Video


Circulating video supposedly shows CCTV footage of a man being instantly teleported out of the path of an oncoming truck by a helpful alien, time traveller or angel.

Brief Analysis

Surprise, surprise, the video does not show a genuine teleportation event. In fact, the video was produced with the help of some clever editing and actors.   The video is featured in a collection of marketing videos for a Chinese computer game called Dragon Totem Girl (Zhu Xian 2). Rather tellingly, the distinctive dragon-head game logo appears on the roadway after the truck has passed. It was apparently part of an advertising campaign for the game in which the main character used various superpowers (such as teleportation) to help people in their everyday lives.


ANGEL SUPERHUMAN Teleportation caught on CCTV in China?


Detailed Analysis

A video that supposedly depicts a being of unknown origin miraculously teleporting a man out of the path of an oncoming truck has been vigorously circulating the interwebs and generating a great deal of debate.  The video shows a man and his supernatural saviour disappearing in a flash of light just as they are about to be struck by a speeding truck. The man and his helper are then seen safely at the side of the road while the distraught truck driver peers under his vehicle.

Some have postulated that the being was a friendly alien. Others suggest that it was a time-traveller. Some with a more religious outlook claim that it was an angel that saved the man.

Alas, the truth is considerably more mundane. The video is one of a collection of marketing videos and images included on a  promotional website  for the Chinese game, Dragon Totem Girl (Zhu Xian 2).

According to  advertising commentary blog  Monkeywatching, the video was part of a promotional campaign for “Perfect World”, the company that made the game. In the campaign, a real person based on the game character showed how to use superpowers to help people in their everyday lives. In this case, Dragon Totem Girl uses her superpowers to save the rickshaw driver.

In  other videos, she subtly users superpowers to stop a child from being hit by a runaway shopping trolley and assist other shoppers. Another video showed her rushing through a crowd and suddenly disappearing, apparently in another teleportation event.

As part of the ongoing campaign, the girl also made multiple real life appearances (minus supernatural happenings) in which she helped people and animals.

The actress playing the part has reportedly become quite famous and has a large following on  her Weibo page.

Still have your doubts? Take a look at the roadway in the video just after the truck has passed. You will see that the game’s  distinctive dragonhead logo  briefly appeares on the road surface and then miraculously fades away.

Teleporting Alien Close up

And, for the record, the clarity of the footage seems considerably greater than would normally be expected from night-time CCTV footage.

Original Source : https://www.hoax-slayer.net/chinese-teleportation-road-rescue-video/